We are born with rhythm, we live in rhythm, and we shed our physical bodies returning to pure energy in rhythm.


There is a way between voice and presence
Where information flows
In disciplined silence it opens
With wandering talk it closes.

~ Rumi

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Listening is truly a skill that needs to be practiced with intention.  So many of us believe that because we are able to hear we automatically know how to listen.  As I have studied (and continue to study) the art of listening, it has become very clear that most people are under the false assumption that they listen well.  This video of Evelyn Glennie, an amazingly talented deaf percussionist, breaks down listening using drums and her personal experience in a way that is so beautiful and right on.  Listening takes on a whole new look as she takes her audience on a journey that is enlightening and inspiring.

Hot Boy

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Hey there sexy hot boy 
With your pretty pearly smile

Eyes intense in intent
Tryin to insert in my file

Your used up gurthy man hood
You stick in all them chicks

Don’t matter
Long as she got ass and tits

You’ll hit and
Put the smash down
I bash clowns 
That try to step

Flossin skills and kicks
Bankin on your rep


I do demand it

Didn’t back in the day

Worried bout that hot boy
Would he make time in his day

Tryin to prove my worth
Like he’s worth me tryin to prove
Didn’t know back then
That talk he speak is so damn smooth

From repetition in the field
He wields his scripted spit
Now I hear it
Call him out
His silence screams OH SHIT

About face waste of timer
Think you finer then the next?
Tryin to get me on your hoe call
Sex talkin via text

Your tech ain’t worth me sweatin
Quickly pass you to the left
For every 1 of me there’s 10
That’s cool with what you rep

Value perception
To reflect in your return

Dug out, loose and used up pussy
Right now it’s just your turn
To lick it, stick it, touch it
She got more wear than B-boy soles

Hittin concrete corners 
flattery has got her sold

So go head silly hot boy
I like substance to my meat
And best believe a man 
Will never make me feel complete

Compete to feed your ego
All excited actin geeked
Like ‘oh my G-d he wants me’
Hold your tongue hun
Do not speak

I’ve sifted through your bullshit quick
Taste that
It’s called defeat 

Plus what you want 
Is right out there
Her home is in the street

Abyss Infinite
December 23, 2009

LBR ‘Music For The Modern Soul’

Listen.  You won’t regret it.  Promise.

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Memoirs of a Geisha + Dubstep + B-Girl + Skills = Epic!

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In Gerald G. Jampolsky’s book Love Is Letting Go Of Fear, he shares the following themes to live by:

1)  Peace of mind is our single goal.

2)  Forgiveness is our single function and the way to achieve our goal of peace of mind.

3)  Through forgiveness, we can learn not to judge others and to see everyone, including ourselves, as guiltless.

4)  We can let go of fear when we stop judging and stop projecting the past into the future, and live only in the now.

5)  We can learn to accept direction from our inner intuitive voice, which is our guide to knowing.

6)  After our inner voice gives us direction, it will also provide the means for accomplishing whatever is necessary.

7)  In following one’s inner guidance it is frequently necessary to make a commitment to a specific goal even when the means for achieving it are not immediately apparent.  This is a reversal of the customary logic of the world, and can be thought of as “putting the cart before the horse.”

8)  We do have a choice in determining what we perceive and the feelings we experience.

9)  Through retraining of the mind we can learn to use positive active imagination.  Positive active imagination enables us to develop positive, loving motion pictures in our minds.

I am in a place in my life where I have decided to embrace fear and move through everything that scares me.  I have come to learn that living my life’s passions, or as Paulo Coelho refers to it – my Personal Legend, requires facing my fears.  On the other side of my fears are my life’s treasures and the only thing I have to lose in this process is my old self.  I am in my 3rd month of taking on this personal challenge and there are so many doors opening up for me.  I am in awe.  Japolsky’s book is an easy read and a great step for anyone to take that is considering facing their own fears.